Goddesses FARTBOY

Sadistic Girls in Candid Real FaceFarting Power Clips

Double Denim Facefart Fantastic!

Laura’s boyfriend has always hinted that maybe she could bring home another girl for him and that dream finally comes true… and it smells great! Double Denim Facefart Fantastic!

MISTRESS SIENNA’S Southern Fried Trailer Farts

In this lowbrow ribald tale of drug deals, cows, chickens and farts a speed dealer tries to rip off one of his clients by passing off baking soda as crystal meth. The dealer gets detained by being wrapped in saran wrap and his mouth is closed with duct tape. Sienna (The white trash housewife that was ripped off) proceed to torture the dealer with LOUD RIPPINNG FARTS in his face. With his mouth taped shut he must inhale the acrid gas. Southern Fried Trailer Farts

Farting on the Flamer

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  • Length: 5 minutes
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Caroline has a LOT of gas and an amazing ass. She sticks the loser's face right between her perfect ass cheeks and unleashes her fumes for him to inhale.

Rewarding The Fart Slave: Twice!

Here is the Fart Girls Debut of Genesis who assists Taylor in rewarding her slave who is still confined to THE FACEFART CHAIR! Both girls get off tremendous blasts as the other girl plugs off the nose tubes of the fartslave making him breathe in PURE FART AIR! Rewarding The Fart Slave: Twice!

Smother Fart Smother Fart Smotherfart

Tremendous game Veronica likes to play and it involves some terrifically stinky wet farts. Veronica can really rip it turns out. Smother Fart Smother Fart Smotherfart